Antenatal Pilates – between 12-37 weeks

Exercise during pregnancy is important for both mother and baby. It has been shown to help keep mothers in a healthy weight range, control their blood pressure and may be helpful for a quicker labour withe less intervention! For the baby – it sets then up for life! Less likely to be obese, more active and have a more efficient heart! Our class is designed to reduce the risk of pregnancy related pain by concentrating on the most common problems and areas of weakness. It increases your fitness in preparation for labour and delivery. Strengthens the pelvic floor and also gets you ready for lifting and managing your new bundle!

” I really enjoyed the class. I felt that Steph really knew what she was talking about, and was great at making sure we were doing everything properly with the correct form. I feel much more prepared for labour and afterwards now. I liked the way she mixed it up and did something different every week so it never got monotonous. It’s a great way to keep fit during your pregnancy without overdoing it.”